To-Do Priority List Template

You can use this to-do list to help you keep track of tasks that you need to complete. Enter your own project names, tasks, and notes to personalize the checklist for the things you need to get done.

ToDo-Priority-List-Template-1.xlsx (52 downloads)



Done?: Then you can either print the list and check off each item as you complete it, or you can type the letter ‘a’ in the Done? column to make a check mark appear.

Priority: Enter the priority H=high M=medium L=low
Due Date: Enter the Date that the task must be completed.

If you continue to work with this to-do list on your computer, you can use the AutoFilter feature of Excel to quickly identify the tasks that you have done or that you still need to complete. In the Done? column, click on the arrow to view filtered lists.

To see Filtered Lists: To see a list of items that are not completed and still need to be checked off, select (Blanks) in the drop-down menu.

To see a list of items that are checked off, select a in the drop-down menu.
To see all the tasks again, select (All) in the drop-down menu.
When you’re finished using these instructions, delete this text box by selecting it and pressing DELETE.